Project kick-off meeting

The project Precheck started in April 2021 and ends in September 2022. We gratefully received a research grant by the UNIGE-UZH Joint Funding for Collaboration in Research and Teaching. The aim of this project is to assess the quality of preprints in research, for more informations see About.

Two researchers will co-lead this project, Nora Turoman (University of Geneva) and Simon Schwab (University of Zurich). The project is supervised by Evie Vergauwe (University of Geneva), Leonhard Held and Eva Furrer (University of Zurich).

The first part of the project includes the following objectives:

  • Collect and review available publications and preprints on the topic
  • Create a first draft of a project website
  • Write a draft for a checklist to assess the quality of preprints